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Arts wins when can excite
A passion ... a friendship … a project

A vernissage among friends and artists , a venue to speak of art , an Internet site to review the work of the artists and all events.Winarts is the way to promote quality art.

Winarts, born in Milan , promotes young talents to spread the art to sensitive and passionate people. On the basis of their personal and professional experience, Benedetta Crippa e Martina Moglia together with experts and art professors meet artists and young graduates in art academy, select their work and follow them in their artistc journey. The executives and /or the sculptures are exposed for a single evening. A-spot, a vernissage, a lunch, a cultural evening to get inside the works of Winarts artists: Nyx, Sanja Milenkovic, Federico Vescovo, Diana Perez, Valerio Murri, Negro, Golsa Golchini, Raffaele Barbuto, Christian Taliento and then more. The meeting places as well as their gallery, are innovative and original locations:  Palazzo Beltrade, Casa dell’Energia, Officine Traviganti, Teatro Primo Studio just named a few.

The goal of Winarts is to bring art closer to people’s desire . The paintings, all made by young artists with academic profile are sold at affordable prices.
A painting, a sculpture a photo give a character to own habitat, revealing the personality of who lives there and are the symbol of a particular moment of their lives.
The art is no longer just the prerogative of collectors but of new persons who have the sensibility to perceive and appreciate the feeling of artists.


La Storia

L’idea di Winarts

During a holiday in Greece, Martina and Benedetta discover to be tied by a passion for the art. For Martina, daughter of collectors, a natural inclination. For Benedetta a growing interest since the days of the University. Together they decide to give a new image to the art in order to bring it closer to those who are interested.


It all began during a holiday on a Greek island. Enveloped in a magical atmosphere was easy to confess our deep passion: art. So Benedetta Crippa and Martina Moglia tell how did Winarts.
“The strength of the sea gave us the energy to begin to think of changing our working lives. The step was not easy because we were already under way in a busy and profitable career. The project was born from the need to combine the new life of young mothers with a satisfactory job. Idea after idea came the signal it was time: a chance encounter with an artist friend of the past and a comparison on art today” says Benedetta.
“Just because living among collectors I realized that art was considered the exclusive preserve of experts with the negative implication that many people, despite the interest and opportunity, not an obstacle to spontaneously and joyous” says Martina.
The way to bring the paintings to people had put them in a context of fun. Used informal occasions, entertainment where the pleasure of seeing their friends met at the presentation of emerging artists: convivial evenings, similar to real partying, but with a cultural objective.
“Internet could also become the mirror of our artists and our events. A virtual gallery (www.winarts.it), to see sitting at the desk of the office, which befell the walls of prejudice and make the art within the reach of a click” says Martina.
“The choice of every artist is quality. Select all young people formed by the Art Academy and with a high preparation can ensure potentially an investment” says Benedetta. “We have an average of one event every two months and to date we have created a group of friends that each time they are interested to speak to opening and to follow the evolution of our artists”.